Just a group of three friends that came together to bring a vision to fruition!

Although we all come from vastly different paths, we all share a common love for nature and all the healing benefits it provides. 

Above all else, we believe in being a good human and finding ways to inspire others to feel good about themselves.

Our belief is that when one feels good about themselves, from the inside out, they radiate positivity, do good in the world and attract beautiful opportunities into their life. 

Most would agree that being sun kissed makes you feel good about looking good.

So, if this simple product can add to that 'feel-good' state in your life, that makes us happy. 

That is our mantra: Look good. Feel good. Do good. 


To us, being a sunslüt is a means to bring like-minded, high vibe individuals together. 

In order to get to know us a little better, we each answered what sunslüt means to us individually.


Thank you for being here and sharing our vision!


My happy place has always been the beach. Living in beautiful tropical climates such as Hawaii, and various  beach towns in San Diego, I have always found refuge at the beach. Anytime I experience any stress or challenges in my every day life, I've always felt a positive invigorating and healing effect from nature. Whether it be swimming in the ocean, surfing, or soaking up the cosmic energy from the Sun, it has always my vice. Our company motto states; look good, feel good...I can honestly admit that whenever that bronzed golden glow settles in, I find it enhancing my confidence and overall happiness. I can safely say, I have been a sunslüt since as long as I can remember. I am so excited to share this product with you sunslüt's!

I am a tree-hugging, nature lover. Living in Toronto growing up, I struggled with a pesky skin condition that happened to show up nearly each year around the time the sun went away. It took me a while to notice the pattern, but after a painful flare up one year, a holistic doctor recommended I go somewhere warm, sunny and simply spend some time in the ocean and see how I felt. After one day of simply connecting with nature and allowing Mother Nature to work her magic, I was as good as new!  Since then, I've made the decision to move to warmer climates where my body and spirit thrive. I believe Mother Nature provides us everything we need in order for us to be our best selves. So, sunslüt to me is an avenue to share her incredible gifts with you all, bringing like-minded individuals together & spreading seedlings of light and love everywhere we go! 


Being born and raised in Alaska, I was deprived of the Sun. I struggled with constant health conditions that seemed relentless. In my early twenties, I moved to Hawaii for work. One of the first things I began to notice is that I went weeks without catching a cold or experiencing any previously common health issues! Not only that, but my skin cleared up, I began looking and feeling much healthier daily, and waking up to the beaming Sun resulted in a significant improvement in my energy and overall happiness. What a gift and incredible feeling that I will forever credit Mother Nature for. I am so excited to work on this passion project alongside this team of sunslüt's and share this clean and nutrient-dense product with you!